Friday, 12 November 2010

blogger for iphone

i just found this app for the iphone its caled "blog with iblogger"
and i thought i should give it a try.looks pretty decent at first glance. it lets you edit the text of your posts and add new ones.on the downside it doesnt let you view comments doesnt let you moderate coments doesnt let you add pictures doesnt let you see your it doesnt let you do anything!!good thing it's free oh wait it costs 10 euros..what??10 f@@ euros for not being able to do anything?good thing my phone is jailbroken and i downloaded it for free.some people are just retarded..well anyway i am thibking of making some reviews for some amazing iphone retro games like beneath of a steel sky and monkey island 1 what do you think?


  1. Lol that would suck if you paid 10 euros! Good thing you got it free. Make a review for monkey island 1 :D